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    Your Relationships Are More Valuable Than Money, Says London Brown

    Amazon’s scripted audio drama series ‘Bronzeville’ is produced by Laurence Fishburne and Larenz Tate. The series can be seen as a recap for numerous black families around the south side of Chicago throughout the 1940s. According to Tate, “The community was self-sufficient all-African American from running numbers.” “It was an underground game of chance and […] More

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    Steve Stoute Credits Pharrell Williams For The Name “United Masters”

    In November of 2017, legendary music executive, Steve Stoute founded United Masters. The company is a music distributor based in the United States. It provides artists with an opportunity to distribute music to all major streaming services. Distributed artists are eligible to participate in advertisements, brand partnerships, and other promotions to earn them money and new […] More

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    Fan Wagon’s Executives Are Fully Equipped To Handle Sports Betting Once Legalized

    FanWagon is currently a platform that allows sports fans to send each other gifts. The company was founded in Texas by entrepreneur Dexter Talbert. Since the emergence of Esports, the executive board within FanWagon has also grown; especially with the acquisition of Michael Pearce who is the former Head of Sports at Yahoo! Studios, and […] More