Post Death Soundtrack’s “Veil Lifter” Roars with Doom Grunge Fury

Post Death Soundtrack has returned with a vengeance, unmasking their fourth LP, “Veil Lifter,” a tempestuous blend of doom, grunge, hardcore, and thrash. This 11-track Molotov cocktail sets a new bar for the duo, shedding their orchestrated industrial soundscapes for an unruly organic live energy.

Following the critically acclaimed “It Will Come Out of Nowhere,” Jon Ireson and Stephen Moore pivot to a raw, unfiltered sound, drawing on inspirations like Alice in Chains, Black Sabbath, and Nirvana, while nodding to modern heavyweights Russian Circles and YOB. The result? A visceral journey that melds sludgy riffs, hardcore fury, and hypnotic grooves into a relentless sonic onslaught.

“Veil Lifter is the album I’ve always wanted to make,” says Moore. “It’s uncensored, dark, and cathartic, written from the depths of isolation, depression, and chaos.” This LP dives deep into themes of mental illness, spirituality, and the human condition, with “lifting the veil of ignorance” serving as a guiding mantra.

Tracks like “Lowdown Animal” exemplify the band’s symbolic embrace of the hyena – the unwelcome outsider. Moore adds, “Hyenas represent the drifter, the cursed sneak. We’ll sneak up, surround the mighty lion, and take it down while laughing.”

The record’s core came together in two whirlwind weeks of arranging drums, guitars, and bass, but truly came alive with Moore’s vocal layers and the punch of Casey Lewis’ intense production. The album’s dedication to Moore’s late father, Ted George Moore, adds a poignant layer to its raw emotion.

“Veil Lifter” is a bold invocation, a prayer, and a testament to resilience. It’s a relentless force, capturing the spirit of survival and the power of the uncensored voice.

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