7 Dec 1996: Guard Tim Hardaway of the Miami Heat dribbles the ball down the court as guard Steve Kerr of the Chicago Bulls chases him at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. The Heat won the game 83-80.

Load Management is a Bunch of BS, Says Tim Hardaway Sr.

25 Feb 1996: Guard Tim Hardaway of the Miami Heat stands on the court during a game against the Philadelphia 76ers at the Miami Arena in Miami, Florida. The Heat won the game 108-101. Mandatory Credit: Allsport /Allsport

Last week, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban joined the load management debut that has been a topic of discussion over the last couple of seasons. Cuban is a fan of it, calling it “the best thing to ever happen to the league.”

“The problem isn’t load management, per ESPN,” Cuban told reporters in Boston last week. “I think teams have to be smarter about when to load manage. I’m all for load management. Worse than missing a player in a [regular-season] game is missing him in the playoffs.”

The topic of load management has been criticized this season with the way the Los Angeles Clippers have handled Kawhi Leonard, who has missed nationally televised games that were part of back to back games on the Clippers schedule. The NBA revealed that Kawhi Leonard is dealing with a patella tendon injury, which the NBA approved his absence for the games against the Utah Jazz (Oct. 30) and against Milwaukee Buck (Nov. 6).

Someone that is not a fan of the resting practice is former Miami Heat guard and master of the ‘Killa Crossover,’ Tim Hardaway Sr. In fact, he thinks it’s BS.

“I think load management is a bunch of b*** s*** we are putting in players’ minds they need load management. If you are hurt, you are hurt, and you can’t get around that,” Hardway told me before the Warriors and Mavericks faced off in Dallas on Wednesday night.

“Kawhi [Leonard] is hurt, and he is legitimately hurt. He can play a certain amount of games here, and there the Clippers are doing what they can to keep him healthy as did the Raptors last year. However, a rest here just because you need a rest you don’t practice anyway and are not practicing every day there is a lot of days off.”

“Players nowadays rather shoot baskets, then take a day off. Why don’t you just practice, then? Why come out and shoot baskets a day off is a day off. Why don’t you take full advantage of it? I think load management is a bunch of b*** s*** I think analytics is a bunch of b*** s***. You are shooting a bunch of threes, but before the trend of threes, players such as Michael Jordan, Walt Chamberlain scored 50 points without shooting threes. Michael Jordan incorporated his three later in his career, but he was getting 40 and 50 points in the paint or 15 feet away from the basket.

Tim Hardaway Sr. is a 5-time All-Star, who played 13 seasons in the NBA. He also averaged 17.7 points, 3.3 rebounds, and 8.2 per game.

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