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  • Hannah Lynn
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    Hannah Lynn – Like That

    17-year-old female singer-songwriter Hannah Lynn shares her first new single, “Like That,” a song that showcases her outstanding talent and unique voice from her new album “It’s All Good.” Hannah Lynn has shown expansion and adultness in her music and is ready to take the lead in the music industry. It’s exciting, and where Hannah […] More

  • Sammy Atlas
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    Sammy Atlas – See You Nowhere

    New York-based independent artist Sammy Atlas releases a new album, “See You Nowhere.” Following up with his recently released singles “Apple Juice” and “Ultraviolet.” The 10-tracks feature the right sound, accompanied by the perfect words, and a meaningful existence to the lyrics that let you accept the melody and the person behind it. The project […] More

  • Mike Baretz
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    Mike Baretz – “Worth It”

    American producer Mike Baretz shares a wonderful single called “Worth It”. The single “Worth It” showcase his beautiful vocals and outstanding songwriting skills. Follow-up of his recently released single “Take It That Way,” with a utilized forward-driving beats and woozy atmospherics to create a unique pop sound. His newest single, “Worth It” is the music […] More

  • Wavetoo
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    Wavetoo – Underneath the Lemon Tree

    Wavetoo’s “Underneath the Lemon Tree” is a powerful display that you don’t want to miss out on. He displays excellence from beginning to end with masterful focus. From the sharp lyrics that shows how incredible his pen is, the exhilarating flow that brings excitement, and it’s all over a beat that sounds made for him to snap […] More

  • Derek Forreal and Big Rick
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    Derek Forreal and Big Rick – Big Facts

    Derek Forreal and Big Rick drops a new single called “Big Facts” from his latest EP “Forreal”. The flows are exhilarating and packed with the power necessary to feel their presence and deliver the heavy writing, as they come together to make one amazing sound that puts the culture on notice, on this Hip Hip […] More

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    Florida Rapper Ghostluvme Drops Memorable New Project

    Ghostluvme is an emerging rapper hailing from Broward County, Florida. In just two years since making his music debut, he has laid down a marker and shown he is an artist to watch out for. Working with some of the biggest producers in the industry such as Zaytoven (Travis Scott, Future, Lil Wayne) and Scott […] More

  • Dos Boy
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    Dos Boy – HEALTHY

    Australia rapper and songwriter Dos Boy shares a new track “HEALTHY”, a first single from album “Horrorscope”. “HEALTHY” is a special piece of audio that serves it purpose. It’s a record that goes beyond just good sounds to hear, but a masterpiece that connects to the listener on a body and soul level. Dos Boy brings […] More

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    Red Hot Chili Peppers Inspired Shocking Band

    As Muse’s new album “Will Of The People” is out today, August 26, we see a new chapter in frontman Matt Bellamy’s political discourse and dystopian paranoia. Muse had always flirted with bigger-than-life themes of autocracies, technological revolution, and cyber dominance, these topics became really front-and-center with their 2015 album “Drones”. While many fans were […] More

  • Tapz Money
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    Tapz Money Shares a New Album “All over the Map”

    Tapz Money is one of the most real, rawest, and most respected rappers in the game right now. He knows how to evoke emotions in an audience through his songs. Tapz Money is among the rappers dominating the music industry these days because of his extraordinary talent. On his previous single, “War,” Tapz, Lucky3rd, and […] More

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