José Bautista Takes the Pitch: A Home Run Move as Full Owner of Las Vegas Lights FC

In a bold and strategic move, six-time MLB All-Star José Bautista has stepped into the realm of soccer ownership, acquiring full ownership of the United Soccer League’s (USL) Las Vegas Lights FC.

This historic development positions Bautista as the chairman and governor of the club, signaling not only his passion for sports but also his astute business acumen. The financial details of the investment, as reported by, remain undisclosed, but the implications of Bautista’s entry into the soccer arena are resonating throughout the sports community.

Speaking on the acquisition in a video call, José Bautista shared his excitement, expressing, “As a former professional athlete who loves business and sports, investing in sports teams is almost something that you always dream of.” Bautista’s journey into soccer ownership began serendipitously through a conversation sparked by a mutual friend. His swift decision to entertain the possibility reflects a keen awareness of the evolving sports landscape in Las Vegas and the promising future that lies ahead.

While the Las Vegas Lights mark Bautista’s entry into soccer, it is not his maiden venture in the sports business arena. His successful track record includes being an early equity partner, lead investor, and board member for Marucci Sports, a baseball equipment startup that was eventually sold to Compass Diversified Holdings in 2020. Bautista’s diverse sports investments also extend to Canada Goose, Endy Sleep, and My Accountant, showcasing a multifaceted approach to business within and beyond the sports realm.

José Bautista’s influence transcends ownership, as evidenced by his strategic partnerships with distinguished brands such as Audi, Hublot, Coca-Cola, TD Bank, General Mills, The Players Tribune, and New Balance. These collaborations underscore Bautista’s ability to leverage his sports persona for successful ventures, creating a potent synergy between sports and business.

Bautista’s illustrious 14-year professional baseball career, which included nine seasons with the Toronto Blue Jays, speaks volumes about his impact on the diamond. A six-time MLB All-Star and two-time recipient of the Hank Aaron Award, Bautista’s prowess as a top offensive performer is undeniable. His recent bronze medal win at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo adds a global dimension to his impressive athletic achievements.

USL deputy CEO and chief real estate officer Justin Papadakis lauded Bautista’s ownership, stating, “Jose’s vision and values align perfectly with our league’s ambitions and the positive impact our clubs are having in their local communities.” Bautista’s investment aligns with a trend of world-class athletes recognizing the value proposition of investing in USL clubs, emphasizing the league’s increasing prominence in the professional sports industry.

José Bautista’s acquisition of the Las Vegas Lights FC heralds a new era for the club and the USL, bringing together the worlds of baseball and soccer under one visionary owner. As Bautista takes the pitch in his new role, the Las Vegas Lights FC can anticipate a strategic and passionate leadership style that mirrors the success he achieved on the baseball diamond. This move solidifies Bautista’s legacy as not only a baseball icon but also a shrewd entrepreneur making waves in the dynamic landscape of sports ownership.

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Written by KrispyLakersNation

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