SANNIA Breaks the Chains of Love and Self-Doubt with “James”

SANNIA‘s latest release, “James,” a 13-track masterpiece, clocking in at 51 minutes and 19 seconds, is not just an album but a time taken and well-crafted adventure of how SANNIA got back the pieces of her broken self. In her words: ‘’I was repeatedly told my voice was unlikeable, my music and writing was amateur, I was so convinced that this was the truth that I didn’t even want to sing, I barely did for a long time. In the end I just wrote about how I felt, I felt like more of an author than musician by the end.’’

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The opening track, “love you like,” is an episode of her first broken piece. It’s about a time she loved someone so much but didn’t get back the right love, in her lyrics “my friends keep saying you’re no good for me”

The next track”august” houses doubt and misunderstanding between SANNIA and her old flame, she remembers this as every august comes and passes. In her lyrics “ I still think of you in august, i still pass by that old farm”.

SANNIA pulls her vocal trigger while penning poetic lyrics in her fourth track in the album “trigger”, with a rocky rhythm alongside powerful synths and effects. SANNIA explains in her lyrics “I’ve been having nightmares, wondering how I got here”, when he finally said he loved her right back, putting his hands through her hair but only to pull the trigger.

SANNIA is a beautiful artist with a wide musical imagination and a great personality, and it’s not hard to notice because “SANNIA is her music and her music is SANNIA”.

It’s also encouraging how SANNIA transformed her pain into an empowering force, embracing her voice and musicality with newfound confidence as the last track in the album “go and get over- james version” talks of a new SANNIA.

In the end, “James'” is more than a collection of songs; it’s a Therapeutic journey, a testament to the transformative power of self-discovery which birthed this album. SANNIA emerges not just as a musician but as an author of her own narrative, reclaiming her voice with an album that resonates long after the final note fades away.

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Written by Natalie Patrick

Music Journalist.

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