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Jthurston’s “Self” Unravels the mind’s opposing forces.

Jthurston‘s latest album, “Self,” sets to be released on November 14, 2023, “Self” is a 10-track exploration of the internal conflicts that we most often avoid but defines us—both as artists and as individuals.

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“Self” begins with “Last of Me,” a modern hip-hop track themed at being ourselves for ourselves, clearing all doubts before putting our dreams in action. Our society knows we’ve got what it takes but they can’t see it, so they are the scared ones and not us.

Which leads us to the next track “Unafraid,” in Jthurston lyrics i’m far too gifted to ever claim i’m incompetent” builds up confidence, suppresses fear and that we may never need validation from others about the giant in us.

“Me, Myself & Shame,” is a self-reflective track themed at taking responsibility for our actions and moving on. Personally, I admire how the quality of “Self” doesn’t end with the lyrics alone but also with every instrumental, carefully crafted with endearing synths and effects.

Another standout moment arrives with the fifth track, “Find” featuring Blinks, where both artists find a way to put behind every pain and trials that defines oneself. Other features includes:

Live My Life (feat. Starzwbarz and Ellis B.), 

Lion’s Den Freestyle (feat. T Carriér), 

Unhumble (feat. Mvlcolm) 

In the 10th and final track, “Dig Deep,” Jthurston encourages listeners to “ Put your heart into your purpose and you’ll reap your due harvest”, cementing “Self” as an album that not only captivates with its musical prowess but also prompts a profound reflection on the human experience. Bravo Jthurston.

Clocking in at a concise 29 minutes, “Self” is a masterclass in musical efficiency. The album’s brevity doesn’t compromise its depth; instead, it leaves listeners yearning for more, inviting them to revisit the Pathwalks Jthurston has crafted for November 14, 2023.

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Written by Natalie Patrick

Music Journalist.

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