Joseph Sikora: The Power Force Star Hinting at a Major Crossover

Joseph Sikora has made quite the name for himself as Tommy Egan, the no-nonsense kingpin in the hit crime drama Power Force. The character of Tommy was introduced in the original Power series before it came to its jaw-dropping end in 2020. But fans got to see more of Tommy and his illegal antics as Power Book IV: Force became one of the three spin-offs to emerge from the franchise.

As viewers are two episodes into the second season of Power Book IV: Force, many are eagerly anticipating what the future holds for the show. During the penultimate episode, Tommy returned to New York with a burning desire for revenge, aiming to avenge his fiancée LaKeisha’s death by killing Tasha St. Patrick. While they were able to work out their differences, fans are now questioning whether this intense scene will also play out in the Force spin-off.

A curious fan with the Twitter handle @MOVIEBOT_ took to the platform to ask Joseph Sikora directly: “Does Force 2 take place after Ghost S3? Or is Tommy yet to go back to NY and come face to face with Tasha in the Force timeline?” In a surprising turn of events, Sikora responded with a major hint, saying, “It is my understanding that THAT event will coincide with our season 3 of Book 4.”

The Twitter conversation quickly gained traction and was reposted on a Reddit fan page, where fans shared their excitement for the upcoming season. Some speculated on the potential crossover and its implications. User u/zolidduece expressed the belief that Tommy might become the supplier for Riq and Brayden, suggesting that the characters from Force could start expanding their roles in the Power universe.

Another enthusiastic fan, u/Intrepid-Recipe-4268, added, “Yeah, I think that some characters from Force will appear in Ghost… Tommy and Diamond will supply Riq… Would be dope if Diamond comes to NYC to help Riq.” However, not all fans are equally certain about the crossover, as user u/stupidchair7 mentioned, “Idk how I feel about a crossover next season. Unless they do a mid-season time jump, that means that book 4 is always going to be 1 yr behind book 2.”

The potential crossover holds significant promise for the Power universe, creating new possibilities for character interactions and storylines. If Tommy and other Force characters do become involved with Riq and his drug business, it could lead to unexpected alliances and conflicts, adding another layer of complexity to the Power narrative.

In the latest episode of Power Book IV: Force, Tommy displayed his cunning and resourcefulness as he pitted the Mexican crew and the Serbs against each other, coming out on top. This achievement brings him closer to his goal of elevating and expanding in the Chicago drug game, but in true Power fashion, this won’t come without a war.

As fans eagerly await the third season of Book 4 and the potential crossover, Joseph Sikora’s hint has ignited excitement and speculation about what’s to come in the Power universe. The Power franchise continues to captivate its audience with its ever-evolving and interconnected stories, ensuring that fans will remain on the edge of their seats as they follow the adventures of Tommy Egan and his fellow characters.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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