Chef Porter Cooks Up a Musical Feast in ‘de zéro’, a Hip-Hop Journey From Scratch.

 Chef Ed Porter has already dazzled us with his Netflix show “Pressure Cooker,” he’s now serving up a musical masterpiece on his latest project, “de zéro” (from scratch). This 16-track album, dropping on November 3, 2023, reveals a side of Porter we’ve never seen before – his prowess as a musician and storyteller.

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“de zéro” is a journey that starts with a blank canvas and slowly, track by track, builds a vibrant and diverse musical landscape. Porter has enlisted the talents of Grammy-nominated producer Mark Byrd and  industry veteran CLCII , and  CREATE.Digital Music to ensure this project stands out in an age where innovation is key.

Each track is a unique flavour, a testament to Porter’s artistry, and his authenticity shines through every lyric and beat. The versatility of “de zéro” is awe-inspiring, as it seamlessly traverses between the roots of hip-hop’s golden era and a fresh, contemporary sound that keeps the genre alive.

As a music journalist, it’s exhilarating to witness an artist like Chef Porter step out of the kitchen and into the studio with such compelling results. This album transcends boundaries, offering a delectable menu of emotions and stories to savour. “de zéro” is not just an album; it’s an experience that showcases Porter’s remarkable skills as a creative storyteller. Get ready to feast your ears on this musical journey, and mark your calendars for November 3rd, when “de zéro” drops – you won’t want to miss this extraordinary experience.

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Written by Natalie Patrick

Music Journalist.

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