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Below Deck’s Hannah Ferrier Sparks Excitement with Fans Over Possible “Below Deck” Med Comeback

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In the latest twist in the “Below Deck” saga, Captain Sandy Yawn’s recent revelation on “Watch What Happens Live! With Andy Cohen” has sent shockwaves through the show’s dedicated fan base. The unexpected question posed to Captain Sandy about which chief stew she would want to work with again prompted a response that has ignited hopes for a surprising return.

The list of potential chief stews included familiar faces from different seasons, ranging from Season 6’s Katie Flood to Season 8’s Tumi Mhlongo. Fans, anticipating the revelation, eagerly awaited Captain Sandy’s response, unsure of what direction the conversation would take.

To the astonishment of many, Captain Sandy dropped a bombshell statement that has fans buzzing with excitement. In a seemingly offhand yet significant comment, she declared, “I would work with any of them again, even Hannah.” This unexpected endorsement of Hannah Ferrier, the former Chief Stewardess, has sparked speculation about the possibility of her return to the “Below Deck” crew.

Taking matters into her own hands, Hannah Ferrier, upon seeing the article titled “Captain Sandy opens door to shock Hannah Ferrier return in Below Deck Med” on, decided to gauge public opinion. She posted a photo of the article on her Instagram story and accompanied it with a poll, directly asking her followers, “What do you guys think?” The options were clear: “Yes” or “No.”

Hannah Ferrier/ Captain Sandy/ Below Deck Med/ Watch What Happens Live! With Andy Cohen/ Entertainment/Bravo/ Landon Buford The Journalist/

The response from Hannah’s fanbase was resounding, with a whopping 71 percent voting “yes” for her potential return, while 29 percent expressed reservations with a “no” vote. The overwhelming support from her fans reflects a strong desire to see Hannah back on board, bringing her signature charm and wit to the “Below Deck” series.

These poll results not only showcase the enduring popularity of Hannah Ferrier but also highlight the strong connection she maintains with her fans. The enthusiasm displayed by the majority of voters suggests a collective eagerness for a reunion between Captain Sandy and Hannah, adding an extra layer of anticipation to the future of “Below Deck.”

While fan sentiment is clear, the ultimate decision rests with the show’s producers and executives. The prospect of Hannah Ferrier’s return has injected new energy into discussions surrounding the show’s future, leaving fans eagerly awaiting any official announcements or developments.

As the speculation continues, the “Below Deck” community remains on high alert for any hints or confirmations regarding Hannah Ferrier’s potential comeback. Whether she graces the screen in Season 9 or another installment, fans are undoubtedly ready to welcome back their beloved Chief Stewardess with open arms. The journey of “Below Deck” is full of surprises, and this unexpected turn has fans excitedly anticipating the next chapter in the show’s captivating narrative.

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