Joseph Sikora Discusses Power’s Gary Lennon: A Genius in the Art of Television Writing and Executive Producing

Joseph Sikora, known for his remarkable portrayal of Gary Lennon in the popular TV series “Power.” In this article, we’ll explore how Sikora continues to impress audiences with his acting prowess, now alongside Gianni Paolo and Chris Tardio, and how he infuses his unique talent into another intriguing character.

As fans eagerly follow Sikora from the gritty streets of “Power” they are reminded of the actor’s undeniable genius. In a recent interview, Sikora discussed his approach to characters like Gary Lennon and how he manages to make them stand out.

Sikora’s acting philosophy revolves around the idea that talent should always take precedence. He believes that what truly matters is not whether a character is born and raised in a particular place but the actor’s ability to bring that character to life. Sikora said, “Gary can be like, ‘What’s more important, that the guys are born and raised in Chicago, or is it that we’ve got the best actor?’ And the obvious answer is the best actor because Gary can make anything work.”

This mindset reflects Sikora’s dedication to his craft. He’s not constrained by stereotypes or origins; he’s focused on delivering compelling and authentic characters that captivate audiences, no matter where they come from.

One of the aspects that makes Sikora’s portrayal of Gary Lennon in “Power” so captivating is the character’s rich backstory. Although originally from New York, Gary has been living in Chicago for approximately 20 years. This backstory allows Sikora to explore various facets of his character, providing room for depth and nuance.

This depth is something Sikora brings with him into “The Crew Has It. Podcast. Just as in “Power,” he infuses his character with a history that adds complexity and authenticity to the role. Viewers can expect to see another well-rounded character brought to life by Sikora’s exceptional talent.

While discussing the portrayal of Gary Lennon, Sikora mentioned that he occasionally adds a Chicagoan accent to make the character feel more authentic. These subtle touches, like a distinct accent, are what make his characters come alive. He remarked, “Every now and then, he slips in a pretty kind of a flat ‘a’ that would make my father proud.”

This commitment to authenticity is something that Sikora carries into “The Crew Has It,” adding a layer of realism to his new character. It’s this kind of dedication that allows his characters to connect with the audience on a deeper level.

Joseph Sikora’s transition from the intense world of “Power” to the comedic realm of “The Crew Has It” Podcast with Gianni Paolo and Chris Tardio showcases his versatility and acting prowess. His philosophy of prioritizing talent over origin, coupled with rich character backstories and his dedication to authenticity, continues to draw audiences into his performances. As we follow Sikora’s journey through different roles, it’s clear that he is a true master of his craft, consistently delivering characters that resonate with viewers.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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