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RO Parrish’s Unforgettable Seattle Supersonics Memories

The Seattle Supersonics, a team that once graced the NBA hardwood, are fondly remembered by fans across the globe. Though relocated to Oklahoma City in 2008 and renamed as the Thunder, the franchise left a lasting legacy in Seattle. RO Parrish, a renowned sports enthusiast and media personality, recently shared his favorite Supersonics moments with, reminding us of the glory days of basketball in Emerald City.

For RO Parrish, one of the standout moments in Supersonics history revolves around the incredible partnership of Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp. Parrish’s passion for this duo is so profound that he has a gift saved on his phone, ready to share with friends and fellow basketball enthusiasts immediately. This GIF isn’t a material item; it’s a video clip that encapsulates the very essence of basketball artistry – a perfect alley-oop.

“I don’t care what it is, I have a gif saved in my phone. And I’ll send it. I’ll send it to people sometimes when they throw me a nice assist that helped me out. And I’d be like, Yo, you just, you know, you do me that Payton Lob. I’m about to Shawn Kemp it,” Parrish shared enthusiastically.

The combination of Gary Payton, a Hall of Famer known for his suffocating defense and floor leadership, with Shawn Kemp, a high-flying power forward who could effortlessly catch and slam alley-oop passes, was the epitome of basketball chemistry. Their thrilling plays enthralled fans and continue to be a treasured memory for Parrish.

Beyond the reminiscing, RO Parrish expressed his hope that Seattle would one day regain its NBA franchise. He recognizes that Seattle, with its rich basketball history, deserves to have an NBA team once again. Parrish emphasized the significance of honoring the legendary Supersonics and their iconic players like Gary Payton, Spencer Haywood, Ray Allen, and Shawn Kemp.

“Parrish shared his hopes, saying, ‘GP needs a home. And he needs a place where he can look up at his jersey. Spencer Haywood, you can throw in Ray Allen; arguably Ray Allen’s greatest years as a pro were spent in Seattle. And a lot of people forget about that. Those late-night games are played, and people aren’t paying attention. But man, Ray Allen was a problem in Seattle.'”

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Indeed, Ray Allen’s incredible sharpshooting and memorable performances in Seattle shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s a testament to the deep talent pool that the Supersonics boasted.

The Supersonics were more than just a basketball team; they were a source of pride for the Seattle community. Parrish’s sentiment regarding the potential return of an NBA franchise to Seattle reflects the shared desire of many Supersonics fans who yearn to see the green and gold jerseys grace the court once more.

Lastly, Parrish mentioned a particularly memorable moment with J Crossover, Jamal Crawford, a player with Seattle roots who has enjoyed a successful career in the NBA. Crawford showed Parrish a video of his state championship game, played in the iconic Key Arena, further highlighting the city’s basketball heritage.

RO Parrish’s fond recollection of the Supersonics’ glory days serves as a reminder of the rich history of the NBA in Seattle. The legendary duo of Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp, along with other iconic players, etched unforgettable moments in the hearts of fans. The hope for an NBA return to Seattle is a testament to the city’s enduring passion and love for basketball. The memories and dreams of a revived Supersonics franchise continue to inspire a new generation of basketball fans, creating a bond that transcends time and distance.

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Written by Landon Buford

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