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LeBron James Eyes Las Vegas for Next Business Move: An NBA Expansion Franchise

In the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, where fortunes are won and lost, LeBron James, the iconic Los Angeles Lakers star, is setting his sights on a new venture – owning a slice of a potential expansion NBA franchise in the Entertainment Capital of the World. After making his 2023-24 preseason debut at the T-Mobile Arena, LeBron believed this move was “good business.”

LeBron James’ statement came on the heels of a thrilling Lakers preseason victory over the Brooklyn Nets, with LeBron himself contributing 10 points and five assists in just 17 minutes of play. But it was what happened off the court that had tongues wagging. Along with several other Lakers, LeBron was in attendance to witness the Las Vegas Aces secure a Game 1 victory in the WNBA Finals against the New York Liberty at the nearby Michelob ULTRA Arena.

LeBron’s vision for an NBA franchise in Las Vegas is fueled by the city’s burgeoning sports scene. He pointed out the presence of the NFL’s Raiders, the NHL’s Golden Knights, and the thriving Las Vegas Aces in the WNBA. With Formula 1 racing on the horizon and the city having hosted multiple NBA All-Star Weekends and the NBA Summer League, LeBron sees an NBA franchise as the perfect addition to a city that is already a hub for sports and entertainment.

“I think it’s only a matter of time, and I hope I’m part of that time,” LeBron remarked confidently, echoing the sentiments of many who believe that Las Vegas is a natural fit for an NBA team.

LeBron James’ interest in bringing an NBA franchise to Las Vegas is no passing fancy. A year ago, during a preseason visit to the city, he publicly declared his desire for a team in the desert, even invoking NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, saying, “I want a team here Adam, thank you.” His dedication to this dream has not wavered, and he remains committed to making it a reality.

LeBron James’ pursuit of an NBA franchise in Las Vegas is another testament to his business acumen. As a billionaire, he already holds stakes in prominent sports franchises such as Liverpool FC, the Boston Red Sox, and the Pittsburgh Penguins through his partnership with Fenway Sports Group. His involvement in the sports ownership realm extends far beyond the basketball court.

LeBron’s love for Las Vegas goes beyond business potential; it’s deeply personal. He spoke warmly about the city, stating, “Vegas has always treated me and my teammates with a lot of respect and a lot of love.” This connection to the city and its passionate sports culture adds another layer of motivation for LeBron to see an NBA franchise call Las Vegas home.

LeBron James’ aspiration to own a part of a potential expansion NBA franchise in Las Vegas is not just a dream; it’s a calculated business move in a city that’s poised for greatness in the world of sports and entertainment. As the momentum builds, LeBron hopes to be at the forefront of the NBA’s expansion into this vibrant, thriving desert oasis. Whether it’s a shrewd business decision or a heartfelt connection to the city, one thing is clear: LeBron James has his eyes set on a Las Vegas adventure that could reshape the NBA landscape.

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