Chris Tardio’s Audition Journey: Bringing Lt. Bobby DiFranco to Life in Power Book IV: Force

In television, casting the perfect actor for a role can be challenging, especially when it involves capturing a specific regional accent. Chris Tardio, known for his role as Lt. Bobby DiFranco in “Power Book IV: Force,” embarked on a remarkable audition journey that ultimately secured him the pivotal role. In a candid reflection, Tardio shares his experience of nailing the Chicago accent and earning the opportunity to breathe life into his character.

When the “auditions for “Power Book IV: Force” “Power Book IV: Force” auditions were underway, Chris Tardio eagerly stepped into the arena, ready to showcase his talent and versatility. However, there was a unique challenge awaiting him. The casting team asked, “Can you do the Chicago accent?” This request raised the stakes, as nailing a regional accent can often be the key to landing a role convincingly.

Tardio’s affirmative response to the Chicago accent challenge reflected his commitment to embracing the character of Lt. Bobby DiFranco and bringing authenticity to the role.

One of the pivotal moments in Tardio’s audition journey was the realization that his character hailed from Chicago, a city renowned for its distinct accent and cultural identity. Tardio recalls his initial thoughts when considering the accent: “If people try to do a New York accent with me, you know, I’m like, ‘Oh, no, this is going to be a challenge.'”

However, fate intervened in the form of a friend named Joe, originally from Chicago. Joe’s connection to the city and his understanding of the Chicago accent became a lifeline for Tardio. Joe’s insights and guidance would prove invaluable in preparing for the audition and capturing the essence of Lt. Bobby DiFranco’s character.

To master the Chicago accent and embody the character authentically, Tardio took a unique approach. Joe facilitated conversations between Tardio and two of his friends from Chicago—one an ironworker and the other a cop. These individuals represented different facets of Chicago and its diverse accents, providing Tardio with a rich and immersive experience.

By listening to the accents of these Chicago natives and engaging in conversations with them, Tardio gained a deeper understanding of the intricacies of the accent. This groundwork would prove pivotal in his audition.

Equipped with newfound knowledge and insights, Chris Tardio approached his audition with confidence. He seamlessly incorporated the Chicago accent into his portrayal of Lt. Bobby DiFranco, infusing authenticity into his performance.

After completing the audition with the accent, Tardio awaited the outcome with bated breath, hoping that his hard work and dedication would pay off.

A few days later, Tardio received a text message from Joe. The text was somewhat cryptic, leaving Tardio in suspense about the audition’s outcome. Tardio recalls his thoughts at the time: “I forgot exactly what he said, but I’m like, ‘Does that mean I got it?'” Joe’s response was a simple yet playful “Oops.”

The “oops” turned out to be a delightful revelation. Joe confirmed that Tardio had succeeded in capturing the Chicago accent effectively. He playfully remarked, “Well, let’s put it this way, you’re probably from New York.”

Chris Tardio’s audition journey for the role of Lt. Bobby DiFranco in “Power Book IV: Force” is a testament to the dedication and effort that actors invest in their craft. His commitment to mastering the Chicago accent, with the invaluable assistance of his friend Joe and his friends from Chicago, exemplifies the lengths actors go to for authenticity.

As viewers continue to be enthralled by Tardio’s portrayal of Lt. Bobby DiFranco in the series, it’s evident that his meticulous preparation and attention to detail have paid off. Tardio’s ability to immerse himself in the character’s world and authentically capture the Chicago accent has contributed to the depth and realism of his performance in “Power Book IV: Force.”

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Written by Byron Nelson

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