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Ex-Lakers’ Guard Nick Young’s Ability To Go On Scoring Tangents Is Rare, Says Sheldon Bailey

In the world of celebrity basketball games, the showdown between Nick Young and J.R. Smith at the She Cares Foundation event was nothing short of legendary. Sheldon Bailey, who was in the thick of the action, enthusiastically recounted the spectacle to “They battled at the She Cares Foundation celeb game. Nick had like 60, and Jr had like 40,” Bailey exclaimed. The sheer magnitude of their combined scoring frenzy left spectators in awe, as Young and Smith unleashed an offensive onslaught that seemed almost otherworldly within the confines of a charity game.

Bailey, who had the privilege of sharing the court with Nick Young in casual pickup games, couldn’t help but marvel at the enigmatic scorer’s abilities. He revealed, “Playing pickup with Nick Young, sometimes he would go on these crazy scoring tangents that are very rare.” These tangents represented moments of pure basketball brilliance, where Young would catch fire and exhibit a scoring prowess that left defenders helpless and fans exhilarated. It was a testament to Young’s natural talent and love for the game, reminding everyone that even in lighthearted pickup games, he could turn into an offensive juggernaut at any moment.

Speaking of Young, he recently took to the media to boast about his abilities on the hardwood, particularly in the context of the Drew League. This legendary pro-am basketball showcase annually graces the streets of Los Angeles with a dazzling array of talent.

He didn’t hesitate to stir the pot in classic Swaggy P fashion. Nick Young went as far as implying that he could outshine none other than LeBron James if they were to face off at the Drew League.

With unflinching self-assurance, he declared, “I guarantee if you saw LeBron in front of me at the Drew League, you wouldn’t know who the best player in the NBA is.” Considering LeBron’s status as a “G.O.A.T” (Greatest of All Time) candidate, it’s a bold statement.

Yet, it’s quintessential Nick Young—swagger mixed with charisma and a touch of bravado. And to add a sprinkle of humility, he couldn’t help but express his admiration and friendship towards LeBron, declaring, “I love LeBron. That’s my dog!” It’s a testament to the camaraderie that often transcends on-court rivalries in basketball, even amidst playful boasts and challenges.

Hailing from Los Angeles, Young has been a frequent face at the Drew League, with his standout performance in the 2011 edition making waves. During that memorable year, he lit up the court with an astonishing 60-point game. He consistently scored no less than 30 in each match, raising eyebrows when he voiced his disappointment at not clinching the MVP award despite his explosive series of games.

Young averaged 40.5 points in eight games, including a 60-point game, but his team had a mediocre record, and he was eliminated in the first round of the playoffs,” According to Michael Lee of the Washington Post in 2011. “Still, Young expressed his displeasure over the decision on Twitter over the perceived snub by asking, ‘So 60 can’t get me MVP in the @drewleague 30,40,41,43,45,30,60,35 each game I played.'”

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