Jackie Long Reveals Sprite Commercials Became First Steady Gig After High School Thanks To Director Kinka Usher [Watch]

In the realm of show business, the path to success is often paved with unique and inspiring stories of hard work, determination, and unexpected opportunities. Jackie Long, a well-known actor in the industry, recently shared a captivating tale on “The Crew Has It” podcast, hosted by none other than Michael Rainey Jr. and Gianni Paolo. In this illuminating conversation, Long takes us back to the pivotal moment when acting transformed from a passion into a life-changing pursuit that paid his bills and set his future in motion.

Long’s journey begins right after high school, an astonishing feat as he graduated at the age of 17, his October birthday being the reason behind this remarkable timeline. He recalls those early years, reminiscing about the path that led him from a young graduate to a successful actor who has left an indelible mark on the entertainment landscape.

Fresh out of high school, Long found himself diving headfirst into the world of acting. His initial foray into the industry involved commercials, with an emphasis on his memorable appearances in Sprite commercials. These commercials, as Long affectionately reminisces, became a significant source of income that opened doors he had never imagined.

“I used to do a whole bunch of like Sprite commercials,” Long reveals. “I tell you, they pay nice like a motherf***er.” It was during this phase of his career that Long found a director who believed in his talent and personality, leading to consistent bookings without the need for auditions. Kinka Usher, the director in question, saw something special in Long that went beyond the typical audition process. This connection not only provided Long with a steady stream of gigs but also introduced him to the lucrative world of acting paychecks.

As Long recalls, the compensation from these Sprite commercials was substantial, and it left a lasting impact. “He put a lot of money in my apartment at his young age, but I couldn’t really do nothing with it. My mama controlled it,” he shared. The financial windfall was eye-opening for Long, driving home the potential that acting held as a viable career choice.

The turning point came when Long realized the potential of a career in acting. “I don’t never want to do s*** else in my life but act until I’m dead and gone, literally,” he boldly declares. The moment he recognized the financial stability and creative fulfillment that acting could offer, there was no turning back.

Jackie Long’s journey from a young graduate to a successful actor is a testament to the power of determination, unique opportunities, and a touch of fate. His candid story showcases the pivotal role that even the smallest gigs can play in shaping the trajectory of a career. Long’s narrative serves as a source of inspiration for aspiring actors, reminding them that passion and hard work can lead to life-altering moments that redefine their paths.

As the entertainment industry continues to evolve, Jackie Long’s journey stands as a shining example of how seizing opportunities, making meaningful connections, and recognizing one’s true calling can transform a young individual’s life, setting them on a course of success that’s truly their own.

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