Joey Bada$$: A Journey from Childhood Inspiration to Musical Success From Jay-Z, Tupac, And Notorious BIG

For some artists, music is more than just a passion; it’s an intrinsic part of who they are. One such artist is Joey Bada$$, a talented rapper and songwriter whose love for music dates back to his early childhood in Brooklyn. From a young age, Joey found a deep connection with hip-hop, particularly through the works of legends like The Notorious B.I.G. and Jay-Z, which ultimately paved the way for his own musical journey, he shared on The Crew Has It With Michael Rainey Jr and Gianni Paolo.

Joey Bada$$ reminisces about his earliest memories of music, recalling how, as a two-year-old, he would run to the TV whenever a Biggie video came on. The impact of hip-hop on his young mind was undeniable, leaving him “hypnotized” by the music. With parents who were avid music listeners, especially in the realm of hip-hop, Joey’s upbringing in Brooklyn immersed him in the genre’s rich culture.

At a young age, Joey discovered poetry, which he saw as the foundation for the art form he admired in the likes of Biggie and Jay-Z. In his first-grade years, he began to write poems that were reminiscent of rap lyrics. This early passion for writing laid the groundwork for his future musical endeavors.

As Joey progressed through his formative years and approached high school, he faced a pivotal moment where he had to make choices about his future and how to pursue his love for music. Although his heart was set on music, there were limited specialized music programs available, especially for rap. Faced with this challenge, he decided to explore the next best option – performing arts.

Joey joined the theater program at Edward R. Murrow High School, where he gained valuable insights into performance and honed his acting skills. However, despite finding a creative outlet in theater, his heart never strayed far from his true passion, music. During this time, Joey also met like-minded individuals who would later form Pro Era, a rap crew that would play a pivotal role in his musical journey.

As he delved deeper into the world of music with Pro Era, Joey decided to focus entirely on his rap career, putting his acting aspirations on the back burner. Confident in his abilities and talent, he knew that if he pursued music wholeheartedly, he could achieve success. He believed in the potential leverage music would provide in the industry.

Joey’s determination and dedication paid off as he and Pro Era gained recognition and acclaim in the hip-hop scene. With a style influenced by the golden age of rap and a passion for storytelling through his lyrics, Joey Bada$$ quickly made a name for himself.

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