Singer Monica Stopped Her Detroit Show to Defend a Woman Who Was Being Assaulted in the Audience [Watch]

In a powerful display of courage and empathy, renowned singer Monica demonstrated her commitment to the safety and respect of her fans during a recent performance at the Riverfront Music Festival in Detroit. On Saturday night, as she was belting out her hit songs, the “Boy Is Mine” singer noticed an alarming incident unfolding in the audience – a male attacker was assaulting a woman. Without hesitation, Monica decided to intervene and defend the woman in distress.

Video footage from the festival captures the extraordinary moment when Monica took matters into her own hands. She leaped off the stage and confronted the aggressor, unafraid to stand up against violence. The crowd erupted in cheers, showing their overwhelming support for her actions. Security guards swiftly followed Monica into the audience to ensure the situation remained under control.

With passion and determination in her voice, the singer firmly addressed the attacker, stating, “You don’t hit no fuckin’ lady like that.” Her message was clear and powerful – violence against women should never be tolerated. As a result of Monica’s intervention, the man responsible for the assault was promptly ejected from the festival, facing the consequences of his aggressive behavior.

However, after the altercation, Monica returned to the stage and felt compelled to apologize to her fans for losing her composure. She candidly admitted that the sight of the woman being punched triggered her emotions, leading her to react in such a strong manner. Nevertheless, the ’90s hitmaker expressed remorse and apologized sincerely “from the bottom of her heart” for her heated response.

In the aftermath of the incident, Monica addressed the situation further in a comment on The Shade Room’s Instagram. She reiterated her apologies for her actions but shed light on the lack of response from others in the audience. According to Monica, she pleaded for help, but her appeals fell on deaf ears. It was evident that her primary concern was to protect the woman from further harm, as she witnessed the assailant’s brute force and the victim’s vulnerability. In Monica’s eyes, it was like watching a family member being assaulted, invoking a deeply emotional response.

The victim of the assault, a woman who appeared to be in her 50s, seemed to have no connection to the attacker. The incident appeared to be a result of a dispute over personal space in the packed concert setting. Monica’s instinctual and fierce reaction came from a place of genuine care and concern for a fellow human being, and she fervently prayed for the woman’s well-being.

The Riverfront Music Festival spokesperson, Andrus Macdonald, publicly praised Monica for her courageous and decisive intervention during the unfortunate incident. He acknowledged her as not only an extraordinary talent but an extraordinary individual as well. Monica’s actions aligned with the festival’s mission to ensure the safety and respect of all attendees, and she undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the event.

The festival organizers expressed deep sadness that an event meant to bring joy and unity to the community had been marred by an act of violence. They are currently working closely with law enforcement to hold the attacker accountable for his actions.

Interestingly, this wasn’t the first time Monica had stepped up in a crowd management situation. During a concert in Washington, D.C., in April, she fearlessly addressed rowdy audience members, urging them to “calm that shit down” or take their disputes outside. Her no-nonsense approach demonstrated her commitment to creating a safe and enjoyable environment for all concertgoers.

Monica’s recent actions at the Riverfront Music Festival and her previous experiences with crowd management highlight her strong sense of responsibility towards her fans and her dedication to promoting a sense of unity and safety within her concerts. Beyond her exceptional musical talent, Monica’s bravery and compassion make her a true role model and a force for positive change. Her actions serve as a reminder that artists can use their platform to stand up for what is right and protect those who need it most.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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