Birdman Sends a Serious Message to Druski Amidst Hilarious Instagram Live [Watch]

In the world of social media, unexpected encounters and interactions between celebrities often lead to viral moments, and a recent Instagram Live session involving comedian Druski and rap mogul Birdman is a perfect example of this. During the broadcast, Birdman made a surprise appearance, seemingly confronting Druski for his satirical record label, Coulda Been Records, and its perceived encroachment on Birdman’s iconic Cash Money empire.

Druski, known for his comedic Instagram presence, was in his element as he played the role of the shady CEO of Coulda Been Records while scouting for new talent. The night included auditions from several aspiring artists and surprise appearances from fellow comedians Mike Epps and Theo Von, as well as rapper and internet personality Crip Mac.

However, the highlight of the Instagram Live came when Birdman unexpectedly joined the broadcast, taking on a serious and ominous tone. He expressed his displeasure at Druski for allegedly biting Cash Money’s logo and attempting to attract top-tier artists like Drake and NBA YoungBoy to his label.

Birdman wasted no time in letting Druski know that he was displeased with the situation. “I’ve been looking for you, n-gga,” Birdman said with a stern demeanor. “I heard you was in my neck of the woods. I ain’t think it would’ve been gangsta if I pulled up on you … but you won’t come outside or inside, n-gga.”

The rap mogul continued, making it clear that he felt Druski was stepping on his toes and encroaching on Cash Money’s territory. He emphasized his stature in the industry, asserting, “It’s like you starting to step on my toes. You young n-ggas really got the game fucked up. I am that n-gga, n-gga! I’ve been watching this shit you doing. What the fuck is this record label you starting?”

Despite Druski’s attempts to apologize and explain that he had no business ties with the artists in question, Birdman remained unimpressed. The comedian tried to win him over by claiming he wanted to bring the money to Birdman, but the rap mogul made it clear that he was not interested in what he perceived as a “fake-ass label.”

However, as the interaction continued, Birdman seemed to soften his stance and offered Druski a proposition. He suggested merging Coulda Been Records with Cash Money, offering to help Druski become a megastar. The conversation took a humorous turn as Birdman also revealed that he had “issues” with comedian Kevin Hart, leading Druski to joke that Birdman might “kill” them all.

The hilarious interaction quickly went viral on social media, with many fans debating whether Birdman’s serious demeanor was genuine or just a part of the act. Some praised Birdman’s acting skills, while others found the entire situation uproarious.

As the Instagram Live ended with uncertainty about whether Birdman’s confrontation was real or staged, fans and followers eagerly anticipate more such interactions between celebrities, proving that even in the world of comedy and entertainment, unexpected moments can create social media gold.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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