Super Bowl Champion Golden Tate Sounds Off-On Affair Rumors With Ashton ‘Meem’ Wilson & Departure For Seahawks [Watch]

Retired former Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate recently addressed the rumors surrounding his abrupt departure from the franchise in 2014, seeking to set the record straight. During an appearance on former teammate K.J. Wright’s podcast, Tate openly discussed the “untrue rumors” about an alleged affair with quarterback Russell Wilson’s then-wife, Ashton Meem.

Co-host Gee Scott prompted Tate to address the issue directly, saying, “I’m ready for you to put this to bed, right now, once and for all.” The former Super Bowl champion did not hold back, stating, “There was a rumor out there that I was not coming back to the Seahawks because Ashton, Russell’s wife at the time, had an affair with me, which was completely not true.” Tate further explained that his current wife, Elise Tate, and Ashton were best friends and remain good friends to this day. He even mentioned that Ashton attended their wedding.

Golden Tate, who got engaged to Elise in 2015 and married her in 2017, emphasized that the alleged affair rumors had a significant impact on him and his wife. He expressed his frustration with the situation, stating that he felt like a scapegoat and was never properly defended. Tate admitted to harboring bitterness for years due to the false allegations.

K.J. Wright chimed in, noting that Tate is not the first former teammate to express concerns about Russell Wilson’s character. He hinted at other players who had voiced similar sentiments both on and off the record. Tate went on to discuss the toll the affair rumors took on him, expressing anger towards Wilson for not defending him against the false allegations. He revealed that he used to invite Wilson over for family gatherings and felt let down by the lack of support during the difficult time.

However, Tate acknowledged that he has since spoken with Wilson, who assured him that he never believed an affair occurred. Tate now feels at peace with the situation but encouraged others to examine the timeline of Wilson’s life to gain further understanding.

This is not the first time Golden Tate has attempted to dispel the rumors. In January 2015, he wrote an essay in The Cauldron to address the harassment he faced on social media and clarify that he did not have an affair with Ashton Meem or play any part in Russell Wilson’s divorce.

The candid conversation on K.J. Wright’s podcast provided Golden Tate with an opportunity to share his side of the story and put the rumors to rest. By addressing the matter directly, Tate hopes to reclaim his reputation and shed light on the truth behind his departure from the Seattle Seahawks in 2014.

“It just kind of suddenly came to an end,” Tate said. “I’m just thinking it’s money time and… I’m just looking at what other guys on the team have made. I’ve been more productive than Percy who got a 60 bag, more productive than Sid who got a 42 bag, and I’m like alright, I should get something similar. And I’m not trying to break the bank, because I want to win first and foremost.

“I think I made a comment about taking a hometown discount that was completely blown out to promotion and used again me… And then I got a call that we had a really nice offer and that was that. I started packing [For Detroit].

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