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Conflicting Narratives: Victor Wembanyama and Britney Spears Share Different Versions of the Incident Involving Spurs Security at Las Vegas Restaurant [Watch]

In a surprising turn of events, musician Britney Spears found herself in the midst of controversy when she was allegedly confronted by security guarding San Antonio Spurs forward Victor Wembanyama at a Las Vegas restaurant on Wednesday night. The incident was confirmed by Wembanyama himself during a media interaction the following day.

Wembanyama, who is in town for the Spurs’ Summer League games, explained that Spears was attempting to get his attention and reached out to touch him. In response, a person guarding Wembanyama reportedly “pushed her away.” The player recounted the incident, stating, “There was one person who was calling me, but we talked before with the security… ‘don’t stop’ because it’s gonna make a crowd. So that person is calling ‘Sir, sir,’ and that person grabbed me from behind. So I didn’t see what happened because I was walking straight and I’m told don’t stop, but that person grabbed me from behind… not on my shoulder, she grabbed me from behind.”

Wembanyama added that he didn’t pay much attention to the incident at the time, only later discovering that the person involved was Britney Spears. He stated, “Actually, I didn’t know for a couple of hours. When I came back to the hotel… I thought it was no big deal. Then the security of the Spurs told me it was Britney Spears. First, I was like, ‘No, you’re joking.’ Yeah, it turns out it was Britney Spears. I didn’t know because I never saw her face. I just kept walking straight.”

In response to Wembanyama’s account, Spears took to social media to share her side of the story, contradicting the player’s claims that she grabbed him from behind. She stated that she recognized Wembanyama in the hotel lobby and later approached him at a restaurant to congratulate him on his success. Spears clarified, “I am aware of the player’s statement where he mentions ‘I grabbed him from behind,’ but I simply tapped him on the shoulder.” She further alleged that Wembanyama’s security backhanded her in the face without looking back, causing her glasses to come off.

Spears expressed her disappointment in not receiving an apology from Wembanyama or the Spurs organization. She shared her concerns about physical violence and called for individuals in the public eye to set an example and treat all people with respect. Spears also revealed that she had filed a police report claiming she was struck by the security guard.

The Las Vegas Metro Police Department confirmed that they responded to the incident and documented it in a police report. No arrests or citations have been issued at this time, and no further details have been provided.

As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen how this altercation will be resolved and whether any further action will be taken.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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