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Indie rock band Scoville Unit drops their new Album, “See What Can Be”

Scoville Unit is an indie rock band from New Jersey that stands out from the music industry’s repetitive trend of copying others. The talented duo, Drew Isleib and Gandhar Savur, along with lead guitarist Kevin Shelbourne and drummer Rob Hunsicker, are on fire with their new album, “See What Can Be.”

This album features ten tracks that showcase a variety of emotions, genres, and thought-provoking themes. It was mainly written and recorded in Costa Rica, highlighting the band’s diverse musical influences, including punk-inspired melodies, harmonies, bass mastery, and intimate acoustic songwriting.

The focus tracks, “Reasons” and “Firepit,” are excellent examples of Scoville Unit’s ability to grab listeners’ attention from the opening notes. “Reasons” is a catchy tune created by bassist/vocalist Drew Isleib and rhythm guitarist/vocalist Gandhar Savur. Lead guitarist Kevin Shelbourne adds electrifying riffs and a soaring solo, while drummer Rob Hunsicker’s infectious garage beat drives the track forward, placing Scoville Unit firmly within the realm of raucous power-pop traditions.

With “See What Can Be,” Scoville Unit takes listeners on a four-minute sonic adventure, showcasing a diverse range of exhilarating musical experiences. Each track immerses listeners in a world where authenticity and infectious melodies blend seamlessly, from headbangers to tearjerkers.

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Written by Natalie Patrick

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