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Pistons GM Troy Weaver Uses A Halle Berry Reference To Describe Ausar Thompson [Watch]

It’s quite an interesting analogy that Detroit Pistons General Manager Troy Weaver drew when evaluating Ausar Thompson’s performance in Overtime Elite. Weaver expressed his confidence in assessing Thompson’s skills by stating, “I think Halle Berry is pretty in church or at the grocery store.” This comparison highlights Weaver’s belief that Thompson’s talent and ability shine through regardless of the setting or circumstances.

By making this statement, Weaver emphasizes that Thompson’s performance on the basketball court stands out, much like Halle Berry’s beauty remains captivating regardless of where she is. It implies that Thompson’s skills are consistently impressive and that his talent is not dependent on the specific environment in which he plays.

Weaver’s analogy showcases his confidence in his evaluation abilities, suggesting that Thompson’s potential and impact are evident and easily identifiable, much like the undeniable beauty of Halle Berry. It’s a unique and memorable way for Weaver to express his admiration for Thompson’s talent, emphasizing that he believes in the player’s ability to excel regardless of the stage he performs on.

Speaking of Berry, since the announcement of Halle Bailey’s casting as Ariel in the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid, her name has often been associated with that of Oscar winner Halle Berry, leading to confusion among many. Despite the mix-up, Halle Berry has been a staunch supporter of Bailey’s movie from the beginning, and her support has not wavered since its opening.

The confusion arose when people, unfamiliar with Bailey’s music career, mistakenly believed that Halle Berry had been cast as Ariel. Berry has playfully embraced the chaos and becomes Bailey’s biggest cheerleader. She took to Instagram to celebrate the movie’s release, acknowledging the link that brought them together. While it’s understandable why people initially had a double-take at the idea of Berry playing Ariel, it’s surprising that the misconception persisted even after the movie’s trailer clarified the cast.

Bailey has expressed her appreciation for the connection to Halle Berry and has made it clear that she is a huge fan of the veteran actress. Berry, in turn, has celebrated Bailey’s success, sharing a Glamour magazine cover featuring the young actress. Having a Hollywood trailblazer like Halle Berry in her corner is undoubtedly a valuable asset for Bailey. As the first Black woman to win the Best Actress Oscar, Berry’s success has paved the way for talents like Bailey, whose career has now reached new heights with the lead role in a live-action adaptation of one of Disney’s beloved animated classics.

It will be intriguing to witness the trajectory of Halle Bailey’s career going forward. One thing is certain: she will continue to have the unwavering support of Halle Berry, cheering her on with each achievement. The Little Mermaid has already proven to be a success, receiving positive critical reviews and dominating the box office for two consecutive weekends before being surpassed by Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

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