Michael Jordan Will Have Final Says In 2023 NBA Draft Despite New Ownership In Town, Per GM Mitch Kupchak

The Charlotte Hornets were undergoing a period of transition as the team prepared for the upcoming NBA draft. The news of new ownership had recently surfaced, adding an air of excitement and uncertainty to the franchise. Mitch Kupchak, the team’s General Manager, found himself in a unique position as he navigated the pre-draft preparations.

Rumors had been swirling around town that the new owners had arrived in Charlotte, ready to take an active role in shaping the team’s future. Speculation ran rampant as fans eagerly awaited further details. It was clear that change was on the horizon, and anticipation filled the air.

In the midst of the draft preparations, Kupchak shared some insight into the situation. He confirmed that the new ownership group had indeed arrived in town and would be present in the draft room on the crucial draft night. This signaled a hands-on approach from the incoming owners, suggesting their commitment to making an immediate impact.

However, Kupchak was also quick to clarify that while the new ownership would have a voice in the decision-making process, Michael Jordan, the renowned basketball legend and current owner, would retain the final say. Jordan’s vast experience and basketball acumen had earned him the respect and trust of the organization. His involvement in the team’s affairs was set to continue, ensuring a seamless transition during this pivotal period.

Additionally, Kupchak revealed that Jordan would oversee the team’s free agency activities until the sale of the Hornets was officially completed. This temporary arrangement showcased Jordan’s dedication to the franchise and his determination to maintain stability during the ownership transition.

As draft night approached, the Charlotte Hornets organization buzzed with anticipation. The new owners brought a sense of fresh energy, and the presence of Michael Jordan provided a reassuring anchor for the team. The combination of their collective expertise and the legendary basketball prowess of Jordan promised an exciting future for the Hornets.

The draft night would be a momentous occasion, not just for the incoming owners but for the entire franchise and its loyal fanbase. The decisions made in the draft room would shape the team’s trajectory for years to come. With a blend of new voices and Jordan’s guiding hand, the Charlotte Hornets looked poised to embrace change while staying true to their roots, ushering in a new era of success and prosperity.

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