Moriah Mills Twitter Account Finally Suspended After Violating Pelicans Zion Williamson Through Social Media Platform [Look]

Once a raging storm on Twitter, Moriah Mills’ prolonged scorched-earth campaign against Zion Williamson has come to an abrupt halt. The OnlyFans model and former adult film star found her Twitter account suspended, leaving her unable to continue her relentless tirade. While the exact reason for the suspension remains undisclosed, it is likely due to Mills’ threatening remarks about leaking a sextape involving Williamson.

Mills’ crusade began weeks ago when Williamson and his girlfriend Ahkeema celebrated their gender reveal party, leaving Mills feeling jilted and scorned. Fueled by anger and betrayal, Mills took to Twitter to air her grievances, publicly accusing Williamson of impregnating another woman while she was involved with him. The tweets were explicit, filled with profanity, and contained vivid descriptions of their intimate encounters.

In one tweet, Mills questioned Williamson’s character and expressed her concern for her own well-being, alleging that he had put her life in danger by having unprotected sex with multiple partners. She further claimed that Williamson had withheld the information about the other woman’s pregnancy from her, causing her immense pain and disappointment.

As the heated exchanges continued, Mills shared screenshots of alleged messages from Williamson, suggesting that he had offered financial assistance for her relocation to New Orleans. With a calculated timeline, Mills concluded that the conception occurred around Valentine’s Day, a time when she was recovering from complications following a butt reduction surgery.

Williamson, the former No. 1 overall NBA draft pick, had already faced challenges in his career due to injuries, playing only 29 games in the most recent season. Trade talks surrounding him had already begun, and the controversy stirred by Mills’ claims could potentially affect his future with the New Orleans Pelicans.

While the storm may have temporarily subsided, the impact of Mills’ campaign on Williamson’s personal life and professional career remains uncertain. As the dust settles, both parties will have to navigate the aftermath of this highly publicized and tumultuous chapter.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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