Manifest’s J.R. Ramirez On How He Landed Julio Romano On Power After Turning Role Down Twice [Watch]

J.R. Ramirez best known in the Power Universe as Julio Romano who worked for James St. Patrick [Ghost] and Tommy Egan during the original Power before he was set up by Andre Coleman to be eliminate by the Toros Locos, one was impaled on a hook and the other had his head smashed with a pole.

Ramirez was the most recent guest on the Crew Has It with Gianni Paolo and Michael Rainey Jr. During his appearance Ramirez spoke about how he landed his role Julio Romano.

“Power was wild for me because I remember it coming around. It was like dummy slides. It didn’t say anything; I didn’t know anything. It was nuts; I remember it being this Latin and Cholo kind of gangbanger stereotypical [and] this is not what I want to do, so I said no twice. And my team came up to me and said, look, go in there and read, and if you get it, we’ll figure it out,” said Romano.

“So, I went in there and read left. This was a Thursday and on Friday morning I get a call that I got it like nothing else. It was just a guest star, I think it was four or five episodes still didn’t know what the heck it was they started to tell me that it was 50 [Cent] this and that they started telling me everything, I was like local hire New York. At this point I was like I don’t know anybody in New York, I had never been to New York before.

Ramirez added, “I had to fly myself, and I got to put myself put, and I am trying to figure out what this show, 50 at that point, wasn’t doing TV that much. I was like, what am I doing, [but] something about me between the team, who is smart, I’ve had the same manager my whole career. She has been my rock and she like dude, I think this will be really great for you find a f***ing place to stay, and just go. I met a friend here a couple times, it was an acquaintance got a good vibe from him called him and said I booked this job, but I don’t know what I’m going to do. This is Friday and Sunday is the table read. So, it was something like that and the fitting. I’m alway grateful for this guy I stand on his couch for four weeks until I found a place and the reoccuring turned into my first series regular right away.”

With J.R. Ramirez being a series regular, he helped Power become one of the biggest shows in television history. He allowed it to turn into three spins after the conclusion of season six of the original Power series.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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