Azealia Banks Receiving Backlash For Violating DC Young Fly & Jacky Oh [Look]

Once again, Azealia Banks found herself at the center of controversy due to a social media post that many deemed unhinged and insensitive. This time, her target was the recent death of Jacky Oh, a popular star from the show “Wild ‘N Out.” Banks took to her restored Instagram Story to address Oh’s passing while simultaneously attacking Oh’s surviving partner and co-star, DC Young Fly.

In her Instagram post, Banks accused DC Young Fly of harboring deep self-hatred, which he allegedly disguised as jokes about women’s beauty. She claimed that he projected his own insecurities onto confident women. Banks defended her own tears as pure expressions of rage, asserting that they were not signs of weakness. She then suggested that Oh’s death was a result of DC Young Fly’s bad karma, emphasizing that Oh passed away on her own 32nd birthday, May 31st, 2023, in Miami, Florida.

Banks’ insinuations drew strong backlash from fans and observers alike. Many expressed their disgust at her comments, highlighting that DC Young Fly’s jokes were part of the insult humor commonly associated with “Wild ‘N Out.” Some wished for DC and his co-stars to roast Banks again in response. Others resorted to labeling her a “demon,” emphasizing the lack of coolness in her statements. It’s worth noting that speculation circulated online about Oh’s death potentially being related to complications from cosmetic surgery. Banks’ remarks indirectly suggested that DC Young Fly’s comments about women’s appearances might have contributed to Oh’s insecurities and her decision to undergo such procedures.

This incident involving Banks came shortly after her viral call-out of Matty Healy in connection to rumors about him dating Taylor Swift. It was reported later that the alleged couple had since broken up.

As with any social media controversy, public opinion on Banks’ comments remained divided, with many condemning her for insensitivity and others acknowledging her right to express her thoughts. Nevertheless, her statements had undoubtedly ignited a firestorm of criticism and further deepened the rift between her and certain segments of the public.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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