Marcellus Wiley Sounds Off-On If He Wants To Replace Shannon Sharpe On Undisputed [Watch]

Marcellus Wiley, the former NFL player turned sports analyst, found himself facing an intriguing question during an interview with Nick Hamilton of Nitecast Media. As the conversation flowed, the topic shifted towards the impending vacancy on the popular sports talk show, Undisputed, following Shannon Sharpe’s departure. Curiosity hung in the air as Hamilton asked Wiley if he would be willing to fill the chair left behind by the charismatic Sharpe.

“Well, aw man, Skip, and Shannon are two amazing people. Amazing people of character, who became characters, and it is sad to see that they couldn’t co-exist any longer. But, look, six or seven-year run, who’s complaining, but there was more toothpaste left in that tube. Shannon got popular and Skip has always been popular,” said Wiley.

“Still, there’s something at that critical mass level when having those two alphas and two echos, I guess, competing for the same thing, and it shouldn’t be a competition, but like any team settling, not everyone is in it for the same reasons. So, I think it really came down to Skip wanting to keep his control as is, but when you got the new hot shot who all of a sudden balling like you, you must share those reps. Skips ain’t sharing those reps, so they had to move on. Would I do it? To give you the short… No!. “

Wiley added “I like the ability to talk about whatever I want to talk about. The limitations of just being the former football player, I had to grind through that for 20 plus years in the business. They stuck me on the NFL Live setting talk football third and go, and shut up, I did that for yours and then became more of a personality… It gets to the point where you want to make sure you are connecting with the audience and talking about the things that matter most, not if the Jets are going to win by three. You keep your options open, but I love what i’m doing in the independent space and freedom to talk about what I want to talk about ,but more than entertain educate.”

It is safe to say Wiley is not interested in filling the vacant role that has been left by Sharpe across from Bayless any time soon.

As for Sharpe, he recently tweeted “Stay tuned for the seeds I’m planting.”

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Written by Byron Nelson

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