Blazers Guard Damian Lillard On How Much Longer He Wants To Play In The NBA [Watch]

During a captivating Instagram Live session, Damian Lillard, the esteemed point guard of the Portland Trail Blazers, shed light on his future in the NBA and his priorities beyond the game. When asked about how much longer he plans to play at the highest level, Lillard spoke with a sense of wisdom and balance, expressing a desire to be there for his kids as they grow up.

Lillard humbly acknowledged that he does not envision himself playing in the NBA until he reaches the age of 40. He stressed the significance of being present for his children’s formative years, emphasizing the importance of family and the role he wants to play in their lives. While basketball remains a passion, Lillard understands the fleeting nature of a professional athletic career and the need to make the most of precious moments with his loved ones.

“That’s a great question. I have never been asked that before. Idk, but I definitely not going to be playing until I’m 40,” Says Lillard.

“I don’t see it unless…IDK. Play this deal out & see what happens. If I win the chip on this deal, I really don’t know. My kids are getting to that age where I don’t want to miss time like that.”

With an insightful perspective, Lillard mentioned that once his current contract comes to an end, he will assess his options and make decisions about the future accordingly. By leaving the door open to possibilities beyond his current contract, Lillard demonstrated a pragmatic approach, focusing on taking each step as it comes and adapting to the circumstances. While he remains dedicated to the game and the Blazers, Lillard’s commitment to his family and being a present father shines through, revealing a balance between his professional and personal aspirations.

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Written by Landon Buford

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