Tommy Egan & Tasha St. Patrick Squash Their Beef Since They Both Have Families To Protect in Episode 10 In Season Three Finale

In episode ten of the show Power, Tasha St. Patrick and Tommy Egan find themselves in a situation where they must rely on each other. With Tariq, Tasha’s son, sent to the hospital and the police closing in, Tasha and Tommy have no choice but to face the truth of their situation. They have both lost everything and everyone they once cared about, and now, they only have each other to rely on.

As they flee the scene, Tasha and Tommy are forced to confront some uncomfortable truths about themselves and each other. For Tasha, she must come to terms with the fact that her actions have consequences, and she is now responsible for her son’s safety. Meanwhile, Tommy must face the reality that his life in Chicago has caught up with him, and he can no longer run from his past.

Despite their differences, Tasha and Tommy have a shared history that binds them together. They have both been betrayed by those closest to them and have had to make tough choices to survive. In this moment of crisis, they find a new sense of respect for each other and a shared determination to protect the only family they have left. As they hit the road, Tasha and Tommy are united in their mission to start a new life and leave their troubled pasts behind them.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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