Tasha St. Patrick Take Shots At Monet Tejada And Tejada Family & Effie Morales Turns On Tariq St. Patrick & Brayden Weston Shoots Cane To Save Tariq

In the latest episode of Power Book II: Ghost, tensions between Tasha St. Patrick and Monet Tejada continue to escalate. Monet [Diana] sent Tommy Egan after Tasha, seeking revenge because lied and said Tariq dimed Diana out to the feds. However, Tasha managed to come to a truths for the good of their families.

Later in the episode, Monet and Diana were in the chatting as Tariq was supposed to take out Monet as he agreed with Diana, however, Tasha pulled up in a car and takes shots at Monet. She ended up in the hospital, but we don’t know if she is dead or not .

However, last year during a question and answer Courtney Kemp shared after a fan asked if Monet would go out by Diana killing her mother like Tariq did Ghost.

“I know what the outcome is, and it is not,” said Kemp.

The episode end with a shocking turn of events, as Tariq is ambushed by the Tejada family and his former allies in front of Noma.

However, Brayden Weston comes to his rescue, having been convinced to help by Obi, who owed Tariq a favor for helping him obtain green cards for his family through Congressman Tate. The scene sets the stage for what promises to be an explosive start of season four of Power Book II: Ghost, with tensions between the Tejadas and Tariq at an all-time high.

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