Power’s Congressman Rashad Tate Proposed To Harper Bonet After Winning The Race In Season Three Finale

In episode 10 of season three of Power Book II: Ghost, fans witnessed Rashad Tate’s political career take a massive leap forward. After a grueling race for Congress, Tate’s opponent finally conceded, handing him a clear victory. This marks a significant turning point for the character, who has long been determined to make his mark in the political arena. Tate’s win not only secures his position in Congress, but also sets the stage for future political ambitions.

But that’s not all that happened in this episode. Tate also proposed to and got engaged to Harper Bonet, his campaign manager and longtime ally. Their relationship has been a point of interest throughout the show, and this latest development adds a layer of complexity to Tate’s character. As he navigates the political landscape, he must also balance his personal life and the challenges that come with it. With the engagement, Tate’s character arc takes another intriguing turn, and viewers will no doubt be eager to see what the future holds for him.

Later in the episode, Davis MaClean walked up to Tate and asked to get the charges dropped on Diana Tejada and himself for his involvement in the mess for being caught on camera passing her a note.

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