ExpressVPN celebrates the victory of Napoli with a new Naples server

Thirty-three years had passed since Napoli’s last Scudetto victory, a moment etched in the memories of every Neapolitan. In 1990, Diego Maradona, the legendary “pibe de oro,” had led the Azzurri to Serie A glory. The city erupted in a magnificent party, an outpouring of joy and pride for their beloved team. And now, in 2023, history was repeating itself as Societ√† Sportiva Calcio Napoli, under the guidance of coach Spalletti and with the outstanding performances of Osimhen and the entire team, clinched the Scudetto once again.

The entire city of Naples burst into jubilation as the news spread like wildfire. The streets were adorned in blue and white, the colors of Napoli, and the air was filled with the sound of fireworks and cheers. The long-awaited victory had finally arrived, and the city was ready to celebrate like never before.

Amidst the euphoria, another announcement added to the excitement. ExpressVPN, a leading virtual private network provider, had launched a new server location in Naples to commemorate Napoli’s historic achievement. Starting from May 24, ExpressVPN customers could connect to the Naples server, bringing the spirit of the Scudetto victory into their lives and honoring this significant moment for the southern Italian city.

Harold Li, the vice president of ExpressVPN, expressed his enthusiasm for the occasion. “We’re excited to do our part in marking this historic victory for the fans, the football club, and our Italian customers,” he said. “Naples has waited for over three decades for the Scudetto to return, so it only seemed right to choose the city for our newest VPN location.”

The addition of the Naples server location gave ExpressVPN users a perfect hat-trick of Italian locations, joining Milan and Cosenza. The server promised optimal performance, improved load distribution, and fast connection speeds, allowing users to experience a seamless online experience. To bring the spirit of Napoli to their internet browsing, users simply needed to change their server location to “Naples” within the ExpressVPN app.

As the celebrations continued in Naples, ExpressVPN remained committed to enhancing user experience and maintaining the security of their VPN service. They pledged to introduce useful new features, ensure smooth streaming, and uphold their reputation as the most secure VPN in the world.

With Napoli’s long-awaited Scudetto victory and the launch of the Naples server, the city and its football fans could revel in their achievements. ExpressVPN’s contribution allowed supporters from all corners of the globe to connect with the spirit of Napoli, to feel the joy and pride that emanated from the streets of Naples. It was a momentous occasion for the city and its people, a celebration of football, triumph, and unity.

Napoli’s Scudetto victory would remain etched in history as the days turned into weeks and the weeks into years. And whenever fans sought to relive that glorious moment or connect with the spirit of Napoli, they could turn to ExpressVPN’s Naples server, forever commemorating the remarkable achievements of Osimhen, Spalletti, and the entire Napoli team.

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