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Actor Bentley Green Gives Insight On White Men Can’t Jump Character Jacoby, & Working With The Cast

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Bentley Green is preparing for the release of the Hulu film, White Men Can’t Jump on May 19. In the film Green will be featured along side the like of Sinqua Walls, Jack Harlow, Teyana Taylor, Laura Harrier, Vince Staples, Myles Bullock, and Lance Reddick.

Green recently spoke with about his character Jacoby in the film.

“Jacoby’s he’s a high school phenom who has a trainer by the name of Jeremy that just has a weird way of getting things done and adding skill done,” said Green.

“You just see throughout the movie him and his love for the game of basketball, and his situation between him and his white trainer. It’s fun man it just shows another glimpse of what a high school project in this day and age looks like. So, It’s gonna be fun.”

He would later talk about working with the star-studded cast.

“It was amazing. Everybody was extremely polite, ready to work, eager to work, and it made everything extremely easy. Jack is a class act, smooth charismatic guy. He’s always ready to work. He comes prepared same thing with Sinqua [Walls], Vince Staples who is hilarious by the way, and Myles Bullock. Everybody was just professional and cool as hell,” Green said.

Green added that Sinqua Walls played the big brother role when asked which cast member he learned the most from.

“If we’re talking about the cast members, I would probably say Sinqua [Walls]; he took on that Big Brother role immediately. Any questions I had or any thoughts that I wanted to run by him he was open, and he was into the work, the craftsmanship, and I probably have to say Sinqua.”

Make sure you watch Green along with the rest of the ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ cast on Friday, May 19th.

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