Power’s Theo Rollins Bodied Cooper Saxe & Then Commits Suicide [Watch]

In the TV series “Power Book II: Ghost,” Theo Rollins is a character who is introduced as a defense attorney who is hired by Tariq St. Patrick to defend his mother, Tasha. However, it is later revealed that Theo has been lying about his treatments for cancer and is actually working with Cooper Saxe, a former prosecutor who has been investigating the St. Patrick family.

In a shocking twist, Theo kidnaps Saxe and takes him to an to his favorite place where you can see the helicopter land, where he kills him and then commits suicide in front of Davis MaClean and Tariq St. Patrick. The scene is a major turning point in the series, as it reveals the depths of corruption and deceit in the legal system and the lengths that people will go to protect themselves and their interests.

Theo’s actions show the dangerous consequences of getting too deeply involved in the criminal underworld, and the destructive impact it can have on a person’s life. It also highlights the complex and often murky relationships between lawyers, prosecutors, and criminals, and how the lines between right and wrong can become blurred. The scene leaves a lasting impact on the series, as the characters are forced to confront the fallout of Theo’s actions and navigate their way through increasingly dangerous situations.

Before Theo killed Saxe Davis revealed to him that Saxe double crossed him and theo went looking for Saxe. On his way to his car after meeting with Jenny Sullivan and because they only found sugar from a tip from him. She could not offer protection he went back to his car and before he got in he called Tariq St. Patrick and told him I know where you mother and sister are located and told him to call off the dogs. If not that information will die with him.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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