Power’s Tariq St. Patrick Reveals To Davis MaClean That Cooper Saxe Is A Mole

In the TV series “Power,” Tariq St. Patrick is a character who becomes involved in the criminal world of his father, James “Ghost” St. Patrick. In season six, Tariq discovers that Cooper Saxe, a former prosecutor who has been investigating the St. Patrick family, is actually a mole who has been working with the feds. Tariq learns this information when Davis MaClean, a criminal defense attorney who is representing Tariq’s mother, tells him that he has sent Saxe down to represent Diana Tejada, a member of the St. Patrick family who has been arrested for drug charges.

Tariq is immediately suspicious of Saxe’s involvement in the case and begins to investigate him. He discovers that Saxe has been working with the feds and has been gathering evidence against his family for years. Tariq realizes that Saxe is a serious threat to his family and decides to take action to stop him. He tells Davis MaClean that Saxe is a mole and has been working with the feds. With this information, Davis is able to work on a strategy to help Tariq and his family outmaneuver Saxe.

Overall, Tariq’s discovery that Saxe is a mole is a significant turning point in the series. It highlights the complex and dangerous world that the St. Patrick family operates in and sets the stage for the final season of the show. The revelation also shows Tariq’s growing understanding of the criminal world and his willingness to take risks to protect his family.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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