Power’s Brayden Weston Reveals To Tariq St. Patrick That Weston Holdings Is A Pozi Scheme

In the TV series “Power Book II: Ghost,” Brayden Weston is a character who becomes involved in Tariq St. Patrick’s world when the two become partners in a drug-dealing business. In a pivotal moment in the series, Brayden reveals to Tariq that Weston Holdings, his family’s company, is actually a Ponzi scheme. This means that Tariq’s trust fund, as well as the Tejada family’s money, is gone.

Brayden asks Tariq to keep the information a secret, as his uncle Lucas Weston is aware that they are selling drugs and could turn them in if he finds out they are involved in the Ponzi scheme. Tariq is left reeling from the news, but he quickly realizes that he needs to come up with a plan. He is tired of being on the defensive and decides that he and Brayden need to go on the offensive.

This scene sets up a major turning point in the series, as Tariq and Brayden begin to take more control over their business and become more involved in the criminal underworld. It also shows the dangers of getting involved in illegal activities, as the characters are constantly at risk of losing everything they have worked for. The revelation of the Ponzi scheme adds an extra layer of tension to the show, as the characters are forced to navigate their way through increasingly complex and dangerous situations.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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