Lakers’ LeBron James Finally Sounds Off-On Grizzlies’ Dillon Brooks [Look]

The Lakers’ victory over the Memphis Grizzlies was resounding, but LeBron James wasn’t done with Dillon Brooks just yet. Even after the game was over, James took to social media to continue his taunting of the Memphis forward.

On Instagram, James posted a message about Brooks poking the bear, referencing the comments made by Brooks after Game 2. James was clearly taking aim at Brooks and letting him know that he wasn’t intimidated by his trash talk.

On Twitter, James took things even further, quoting Jay-Z’s “Trouble” and sending a not-so-subtle message to Brooks. It was clear that James wasn’t going to let Brooks get the last word, and he was going to continue to make him pay for his comments.

Brooks, for his part, struggled in the final four games of the series, shooting just 30% from the field and scoring only 10 points in Game 6. It was a disappointing end to the series for Brooks and the Grizzlies, who were unable to keep up with the Lakers’ dominant play.

Meanwhile, James and the Lakers continued to roll, showing no signs of slowing down as they advanced to the next round of the playoffs. James had played at a high level throughout the series, even without scoring 40 points in a single game as Brooks had dared him to do.

As the Lakers celebrated their victory and looked ahead to the next round, Brooks quietly deleted all of his posts on Instagram, perhaps realizing that his trash talk had backfired. It was a clear victory for James, who had proved once again that he was one of the best players in the league and wasn’t afraid to back up his talk on the court.

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