Lakers’ Fan Violates Grizzlies Dillon Brooks In Viral Video [Watch]

The Grizzlies’ playoff run had come to an end, and Dillon Brooks was nowhere to be found. He had been the talk of the town after Game 2, where he went toe-to-toe with LeBron James and helped Memphis take a 1-0 lead in the series. Brooks was unafraid to call out James and the Lakers, proclaiming that he pokes bears and that he doesn’t respect anyone until they give him 40.

However, as the series progressed, Brooks’s game began to suffer, and his confidence appeared to wane. He shot under 40% in each of the remaining games, topping out at just 15 points in Game 1. James and the Lakers went on to win the series in six games, and Brooks was left to face the music.

Or so it seemed. Brooks declined to speak to the media after any of the losses in Los Angeles, and he did the same after the series-ending blowout in Game 6. Shannon Sharpe, a LeBron James fan and media personality, took to Twitter to question Brooks’s absence.

Many basketball fans had already turned on Brooks, labeling him a playoff villain who couldn’t back up his trash talk. He had even blamed the media for his ejection in Game 3, further adding to his negative image. Now, with the season over, Brooks could lay low and avoid the media, as he seemingly prefers. But his performance and behavior during the series will not soon be forgotten.

He wasn’t the only that was that had something to say about Dillon Brooks’ comments after game two, a Lakers’ fan before game six in Los Angeles asked Brooks what time his flight to Shanghai.

“Shanghai Brooks for three”

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