Power’s Tariq St. Patrick Calls In A Favor With Rashad Tate To Confiscate The Russian’s Next Rep In Power Book II: Episode 7 Of Season Three [Watch]

In episode seven of season two of Power Book II: Ghost, Tariq St. Patrick was faced with a difficult decision when his drug supplier was kicked out of the country, leaving him with a shortage of supply. He decided to call in a favor with his political ally Rashad Tate, who was running for Congressman Rick Sweeney’s seat, and asked him to confiscate the Russian drug supply to shut them down. Tate agreed to help Tariq, but in exchange, he wanted a boost in the polls.

Tariq’s plan was risky, but it showed his ability to think outside the box and use his resources to keep his business thriving. It also demonstrated the close relationship between Tariq and Tate, who had previously worked together to cover up a murder in season one. The two characters have a complex dynamic, with Tariq using Tate for his political connections, and Tate using Tariq to further his own ambitions. This storyline adds another layer of tension to the show, as the audience is left wondering when or if their partnership will fall apart.

Later in the episode, Monet Tejada tricks Kai that he wanted to cut a deal by giving him what he wanted: to sleep with her. However, It would end with Cane putting a bullet in his head and his head being offered as a piece offering with the Russians as he was used as sacrifice he also used his burner to tell who ever he was talking to that they are starting to figure out the Russians didn’t kill Lorenzo Tejada and Monet placed the Phone on Kai to cover her tracks and Dru sent the text and found out it was Gordo and killed him.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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