Power’s LaToya Tonodeo Reveals Diana’s Full Reaction After Receiving News Of Lorenzo Tejada’s Death

In Power Book II: Ghost Season 3, Episode 6, the Tejada family is hit with a devastating blow when they find out that Lorenzo Tejada, the patriarch of the family, has been killed. Diana Tejada, Lorenzo’s daughter and the ambitious businesswoman who has been maneuvering to gain control of the family’s drug empire, is shocked and deeply affected by the news. Lorenzo was her father and mentor, and his death leaves a void in her life and plans for the future. Diana’s emotions are mixed as she struggles to come to terms with the loss of her father while also grappling with the repercussions this event will have on her own ambitions to take over the family business.

Dru Tejada, Lorenzo’s youngest son, also feels the impact of his father’s death keenly. Dru has always tried to live up to his father’s expectations and has been working towards becoming the heir apparent of the Tejada empire. Lorenzo’s death not only leaves Dru grieving for his father but also raises questions about his own role in the family business. As he mourns, Dru must also navigate the shifting dynamics within the Tejada family and the wider drug trade landscape, which has become even more unpredictable and dangerous in the wake of Lorenzo’s death.

Cane Tejada, Lorenzo’s eldest son and known for his hot-headed and impulsive nature, is devastated by the loss of his father. Cane had a complicated relationship with Lorenzo, often feeling overshadowed by his older siblings, Diana and Dru. However, Lorenzo’s death leaves Cane reeling and seeking revenge for his father’s murder. His grief and anger drive him to take drastic measures as he sets out to uncover the truth about Lorenzo’s death and make that responsible pay, no matter the cost. Cane’s impulsive actions and thirst for vengeance add a layer of tension and danger to the already volatile situation within the Tejada family.

Overall, the death of Lorenzo Tejada in Power Book II: Ghost Season 3, Episode 6 has a profound impact on Diana, Dru, and Cane Tejada, leaving them grappling with grief, questioning their roles in the family business, and seeking retribution. The Tejada family’s dynamics are forever changed as they navigate the aftermath of Lorenzo’s death, and the consequences of this event will continue to reverberate throughout the remainder of the season, shaping the direction of the story and the fate of the Tejada family.

Over the weekend, LaToya Tonodeo, who plays Diana Tejada revealed on his Instagram Live that Diana’s whole reaction to the news of Lorenzo’s death was cut out. According to Tonodeo, Diana did a lot of crying, but a lot of it cut. For example, per Tonodeo, after the sex scene between Diana and Salim Ashe Freeman asks her to be his girlfriend, and she agrees after a back and forth about not being sure when Monet Tejada calls a few times, Diana ignores it and then finally since she saw that she kept calling she figured that it was necessary, so then she answered it.

“After the sex scene he’s asking me to be his girl and I’m not sure and then I finally say yes. So, we become a couple then Monet is calling me and I’m ignoring her call, I’m not picking up the phone. Then I fianlly, I’m like f*** I should answer it,” said Tonodeo.

“And I answer the call and then she tells me and I’m balling crying like what happened in real life because when we finished that scene I couldn’t stop crying because of the trigger that I used to cry. All of it and they didn’t even use it and I was like are you kidding me.”

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