Power’s Tariq St. Patrick Confronts Brayden Weston About What Really Happen To Lauren Baldwin [Watch]

Tariq St. Patrick’s eyes burned with rage as he confronted Brayden Weston at Weston Holding. Tariq had been searching for answers about the death of Lauren Baldwin, his friend and confidante. He had uncovered evidence that pointed to Brayden’s involvement in her demise, and he was not about to let him get away with it. Brayden repeated that you heard the news she drowned in the river. Then Tariq revealed no she didn’t, he know she didn’t because they are investigating into him.

Weston then revealed that he tried to get her out of town even though Cane was trying to kill him. St. Patrick asked what Cane had to do with it and Weston said he came to when stating Lauren had both of them on a f**ing wire. St. Patrick then put things together realizing the only way Cane knew she had a wire was because of Effie told him. Then St. Patrick tells Brayen Weston not to mention anything to Effie.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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