Power’s Effie Morales Reveals To Tariq St. Patrick That Her Mother’s Now Husband Sexually Abused Her Before He Confronted Her About Lauren Baldwin [Watch]

After learning that Lauren is alive and Effie’s role in the attempt to drown her, Tariq wastes no time confronting Effie. He lures her into a seemingly pleasant drive, only to bring her to the same lake where the horrific incident took place.

On the way there, Effie Morales took a deep breath as she revealed a dark secret to Tariq St. Patrick, her close friend and confidant. She recounted how her childhood was marred by the presence of multiple men coming in and out of her mother’s home. Some of them had touched her inappropriately, leaving her feeling scared, confused, and violated. It took immense courage for Effie to muster up the strength to confide in her own mother about the abuse she had suffered.

However, Effie’s heart sank as she shared with Tariq that her mother had chosen to marry one of the men who had harmed her. Her mother had prioritized her relationship with the abusive individual over protecting her own daughter.

After she was down telling her story, he ordered Morales to get out of the car and demanded answers, his anger, and betrayal simmering beneath the surface. Effie is caught off guard and tries to explain herself, but Tariq is unforgiving. He leaves Effie stranded at the lake, making it clear that their relationship is as good as dead.

In a further attempt to take control of the situation, Tariq rekindles his romance with Diana. Effie discovers this and is filled with a sense of vengeance. She decides to strike back by attempting to shut down the coffee app they used to sell drugs through Weston Holdings, which would deal a significant blow to the operation. However, Cane, who is also part of the operation, intervenes and stops Effie from causing irreversible damage.

This turn of events showcases that Tariq and Effie are now on a collision course, each trying to outmaneuver the other. Effie realizes that she has the power to disrupt Tariq’s plans just as much as he can disrupt hers. Their once symbiotic partnership has now turned into a rivalry, and it remains to be seen whether they will be able to find common ground or continue to undermine each other’s goals. The stakes are high, and the power dynamics between Tariq and Effie are in flux, leaving their future together uncertain.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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