Power’s Cooper Saxe Agrees To Have Davis MaClean Run A Smear Campaign For Rashad Tate In Exchange For Theo Rollins Prison Sentence Commuted [Watch]

Power’s Cooper Saxe and Rashad Tate, who were known for their cunning and strategic moves in the political and legal realms, struck a secret deal to secure the release of Davis MaClean’s brother, Theo Rollins, from jail. Theo was facing a lengthy prison sentence for a violent offense and was in dire need of specialized medical care due to a chronic health condition. Saxe, a savvy and ambitious lawyer, devised a plan to leverage Tate’s political aspirations to gain favor with the governor of New York and secure Theo’s release.

Saxe, who had a keen understanding of the power dynamics in the political arena, recognized that Tate’s congressional campaign needed a boost to counter his opponents’ attacks. In exchange for Theo’s release, Saxe persuaded Davis, a seasoned media strategist, to run a smear campaign against Tate’s opponents using interviews and op-eds to tarnish their reputations. Davis, enticed by the opportunity to gain an advantage in the cutthroat world of politics, agreed to Saxe’s proposal.

With Tate’s help, Saxe navigated the intricate web of political connections and legal processes to get the governor of New York to commute Theo’s prison sentence and grant him entry into an experimental health program. The deal was struck, and Theo’s release was secured, much to the relief of his family. The media campaign orchestrated by Davis, fueled by Tate’s political influence, proved to be a strategic move that helped Tate gain an edge over his opponents in the race for Congress. It was a prime example of the ruthless and calculating nature of the political game, where alliances and deals were made behind closed doors to achieve desired outcomes.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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