Sacramento Kings Fans Not Ejected For Behavior During Draymond Ejection, But E40 Tossed After Being Heckled [Watch]

During a heated playoff matchup between the Sacramento Kings and the Golden State Warriors, tensions ran high as Warriors’ forward Draymond Green was involved in a controversial incident. In the heat of the game, Green was seen stepping on the chest of the Kings’ star player, Domantas Sabonis, during a scuffle under the basket. Where Sabonis was holding on Green’s leg and not providing space for him to land.

 “My leg got grabbed — the second time in two nights — and the referee is just watching. I got to land my foot somewhere, and I’m not the most flexible person, so it’s not stretching that far. … I can only step so far with someone pulling my leg away, said Draymond.

He added, “I guess ankle grabbing is OK.”

Meanwhile, Sabonis shared, “When I fell, I was protecting myself, and then the incident happened,” Sabonis said. “There is no room for that in our game today.”

According to ESPN’s Woj, “Sacramento Kings All-Star Domantas Sabonis is undergoing X-rays on his ribs/lungs, sources tell ESPN. Sabonis is getting evaluated after Draymond Green stepped on him in Game 2.”

The incident caused an uproar among the Kings fans in attendance, with some of them giving Green the bird and expressing their displeasure at his actions. Despite the fans’ visible frustration, Green was not ejected from the game, which further fueled the tension on the court and in the stands.

However, in a surprising turn of events, a Kings fan who was heckling E40, a well-known rapper and avid Warriors supporter, was ejected from the arena during Game One. The fan reportedly taunted E40 with insults and provocations, which led to security intervening and escorting the fan out of the arena. This turn of events left fans puzzled, as Green’s controversial behavior on the court did not result in ejection, while a Kings fan’s heckling of E40 led to removal from the game. The incident sparked discussions about fair treatment and a code of conduct for fans in professional sports, adding an extra layer of drama to the playoff series between the Kings and the Warriors.

With none of those fans being disciplined at the time of this article being written, it helps E40’s case and statement of racial basis in Sacramento for him being ejected.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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