Power’s Noma Gives Tariq St. Patrick & Effie Morales The Assignment to Retrieve Listening Device Planted By Mecca In Francesca Lombardi’s Mansion [Watch]

In the television series “Power Book II: Ghost,” Noma tasked Tariq St. Patrick and Effie Morales with retrieving a listening device that had been planted by Mecca, one of Noma’s henchmen, in the mansion of Francesca Lombardi, an arms dealer who was also Noma’s competition in the drug game and weapons industry. However, he know to most of Europe as an oil giant. Noma needed Tariq and Effie to get on the guest list for Lombardi’s party, where the device was planted, and retrieve it before Lombardi could use the information to her advantage.

To accomplish this task, Noma used her connections to Ron Samuel Jenkins, a wealthy businessman and socialite who could get them on the guest list. Ron was also a former lover of Lombardi, and Noma leveraged this fact to persuade him to help them. With Ron’s assistance, Tariq and Effie were able to get on the guest list, posing as Ron’s guests, and infiltrate Lombardi’s party.

Once inside, Tariq and Effie had to navigate their way through the party to find the listening device, which was hidden in a vase. They were able to retrieve it successfully and return it to Noma, who was grateful for their help. The mission demonstrated Noma’s resourcefulness and willingness to use any means necessary to protect her business interests. It also showcased Tariq and Effie’s growing skills in the drug game, as they successfully completed a mission that required both intelligence and stealth.

Unfortunately, Brayden Weston was caught snooping around and was drag away by Lombardi’s henchman, but Effie was able to grab the device and was stop by another henchman, but played it cool stating she was looking for Lombardi’s private painting collection.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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