Power’s Lorenzo Tejada Finally Admits To Monet That He Bodied Ezekiel ‘Zeke’ Cross [Watch]

In a tense moment, Monet confronts Lorenzo and tells him that she won’t kill him, but he needs to leave her house and New York immediately. The scene highlights Monet’s power and control over her family and her willingness to make tough decisions to protect their interests. It also shows Lorenzo’s vulnerability and his willingness to admit his mistakes, even at the risk of losing everything.

The consequences of Lorenzo’s actions and Monet’s decision to exile him will have far-reaching implications for the Tejada family and their business interests. The scene also serves to illustrate the high stakes of the drug game and the risks involved in maintaining power and control. Despite the challenges they face, Monet and her family will continue to navigate the dangerous world of drug dealing, relying on their strength, resourcefulness, and loyalty to each other to survive.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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