Powers’ Cooper Saxe Finds Out Lauren Baldwin Is Alive & She Later Confronts Tariq St. Patrick [Watch]

Cooper Saxe follows Jenny Sullivan and discovers that Lauren Baldwin, who Tariq St. Patrick believed was dead, is actually alive in Power Book II: Ghost Season Three Episode Five. Saxe shares this information with Baldwin, along with the knowledge that Jenny couldn’t keep her captive and the shock on St. Patrick’s face when he learned of her supposed death. This revelation puts Baldwin in a difficult position, as she had believed that St. Patrick had tried to have her killed.

In a tense confrontation, Baldwin confronts St. Patrick about why he wanted her dead after receiving a text from her to meet at the south gate on campus. The scene highlights the complicated web of relationships and secrets that surround St. Patrick and his involvement in the drug game. It also demonstrates Baldwin’s strength and determination, as she refuses to be a victim and confronts St. Patrick directly.

The consequences of Baldwin’s confrontation with St. Patrick and Saxe’s discovery of her survival will have far-reaching implications for the ongoing investigations and power struggles in the series. The scene also serves to illustrate the high stakes of the drug game and the risks involved in trying to maintain control and power. Despite the challenges they face, Baldwin and St. Patrick will continue to navigate the dangerous world of drugs, relationships, and secrets, relying on their wits and alliances to survive.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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