Monet Tejada Shares With Evelyn Castillo That Lorenzo Tejada Put A Hit Out On Uncle Frank, After He Found Out He Was Snitch [Watch]

In the television series “Power”, Monet Tejada, a powerful drug queenpin, tells Evelyn Castillo that Lorenzo, her husband and Monet’s rival in the drug game, put a hit out on Frank Castillo after he found out he was a snitch. Monet’s revelation comes as a shock to Evelyn, who had been under the impression that her husband had nothing to do with Frank’s death.

Monet’s conversation with Evelyn takes place in a tense moment at Castillo’s restaurant, as she tries to gain Evelyn’s trust and loyalty. Evelyn had previously been working with Lorenzo and his crew, but after the death of her husband, she is looking for a new ally. Monet sees an opportunity to recruit her and solidify her position as the top drug dealer in the city. By revealing the truth about Lorenzo’s involvement in Frank’s murder, Monet shows Evelyn that she is willing to be honest and upfront with her, a trait that is often hard to come by in the drug game. This gesture helps to build a foundation of trust between the two women and sets the stage for their future collaborations.

Monet elected to tell Castillo the news after she found out that the Guap IG, who was in the Dominican Republic Tariq St. Patrick when Zeke was shot my Lorenzo Tejada, which he shared and that he was paid right before Monet shot him.

Of course Castillo wanted to know why Monet was sharing the information knowing that the Castillo could retaliate, which Monet shared that she deserved the truth or at least the version that she wanted Evelyn to know. In which she replied I loved Frank, but I love my children more. I just she will have to live with for now.

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