Power Book II: Ghost’s Michael Rainey Jr. Reveals The Car Choices He Was Offered To Drive This Season [Watch]

In episode four of season three of Power Book II: Ghost, Tariq St. Patrick finally gets a car of his own, and not just any car, but a sleek Porsche. This is a significant moment for Tariq as he has been longing for independence and freedom, and a car symbolizes just that. For the past two seasons, Tariq has been struggling to navigate his new life as a college student and drug dealer while trying to keep his family safe and his secrets hidden. The addition of a car gives him a newfound sense of power and control over his own life.

The Porsche also represents Tariq’s ambition and success. Despite the obstacles he has faced, Tariq has managed to establish himself as a top drug dealer on campus, and the car is a testament to his financial success. It also shows that Tariq is willing to take risks and make bold moves to achieve his goals. However, the acquisition of the car may also lead to further complications in Tariq’s already complicated life. As he becomes more involved in the drug trade, the car may draw unwanted attention from the authorities and rival drug dealers. Only time will tell how Tariq will handle this newfound power and whether it will ultimately lead to his downfall or his triumph.

Speaking of St. Patrick, the actor who plays him Michael Rainey Jr was recently on his podcast The Crew Has It with Gianni Paolo, and revealed that he was given three choices of cars to drive this season as Tariq St. Patrick.

“Your boy got him a little whip. Your boy got him a little Porsche 911 GT 3 you know what I’m saying.,” said Rainey Jr.

“They gave an option between a Porsche, Audi R8, and I forgot the other car it was a coupe, but it was red, but I was like nah. You gotta go crazy you gotta Porsche. They been asking… And Porsche is the best you can get.”

Before it was known that St. Patrick was getting a car, some of the Power cast which included, Michael Rainey Jr, Gianni Paolo, Alix Lapri, and Latoya Tonodeo were guest on the Sherri Show. During the appearance Rainey was asked would Tariq get a car this season.

He replied, “I got something to say about what do you got to say, I mean to be honest the boy is doing pretty well for not having a whip you know ? Like he’s moving and groovy he’s getting around, and he’s in New York. You got drivers, we got Ubers, and we good.”

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